About Me

MeMy name is Laura Ruschman and I’m studying to be a librarian.

This blog was created as part of Wayne State University’s LIS 6010 course as a means for reflection and response to our various reading assignments and other important topics for discussion, including library ethics, breaching the digital divide, where libraries have come from and where they’re going.

With my MLIS, I’m looking to specialize in academic libraries and digital content management, with the hopes of studying media preservation and working as a liaison to a journalism department at a university library.

Otherwise, I’m a 26-year-old former journalist living in Metro Detroit, currently working at a bookstore as I complete my studies at Wayne State. I’ve spent my entire career around books and media, beginning with an English and journalism degree from Miami University, in Oxford, Ohio. I then earned a Certificate in Publishing from New York University’s School of Continuing Studies. While in college, I was a senior editor of Miami’s student newspaper and worked at Miami’s largest library, King Library, for four years in the circulation department.

Following graduation, I worked at a used bookstore for nine months, followed by a big move to Michigan and two years with Patch.com, a hyperlocal online media corporation that launches news websites in small towns across the country. I launched Birmingham Patch, in Birmingham, Michigan, in November 2010 and went on to write, report and manage the site and its social media presence for two and a half years.

In whatever spare time I have, I enjoy playing roller derby, reading too many books, cycling and pretending to train for 5K, and cuddling with my two cats, Harper Lee and Mr. Bennet. For more on my educational and professional background, visit me on LinkedIn.


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